26 Mar 2019

Culcural performance of Islamic Azad University of Sahneh in 2015 to 1016

Culcural performance of Islamic Azad University of Sahneh in 2015 to 1016

         Culture is an important issue in human life, this can be the basic of social behavior of people exposed . In the areas of academic and cultural activites can be the basis on compus .Cultural department of Sahneh in order to fulfill the objectives of the various cultural activities over the years of 94-95 done . most of these programs in the fields of religious , social , artistic , literary and identification has been . Deputy culture and Islamic Azad University of Sahneh in interview with Issaquah News in relation to cultural programs unit Javad Tajar said .

          Various topics of interest in the cultural sector among which are the occasion, street theater performances on the subject of the proper use of cyberspace, competitions, special reading teachers , staff and students and student secretions noted ceremony . Cultural research in the areas of research underarticle 4 has been developed based culture, he said.

          The unit will hold workshops and 3 choirs , in the meantime, reciting creative workshops for students reading and narration can be noted . theater and hymn for students,in this regard, the unit mobilized in the tournament province in hymnstudents has won first place . the cultural hours by the central organization announced various activities have been carried out . For example , in conjunction with this , we have hours of cultural programming, classes and workshops have been held in this area among which can be life-skill workshops,calligraphy, writers and creative narration noted . referring to cultural workshops Tajar stated .

          The unite has resently launched SMS system so that we can send to all students of cultural messages. We have 5 cultural center title, veil, Quran and progeny , visual arts and tourism is working. The unite in religious ceremonies of Muharram , Fajr and different occasions carried out the various activities . In discusssing cultural structure we have organized tournaments which led the country level , our kids can earn superior ratings .

          Other issues that may affect the identification of culturally can hint to 6 head of the local and national figures can build a lasting cultural and laying them out an campus. The head of the people like pilot Amir Shemshadian who was one of martyrKeshvari comrades has ever had, we also do that in the identification of these activities are carried out . In the same way as the first martyr in defense of the martyr Reza Abbasi shrine has been the Sahneh of a status built. The official acknowledged university continues .

          The scientists and scientific figures of the past like Ebne Ghoteibeh , Mohammad Alvani and martyr Motahhari who built head of them and on the occasion of Teacher’s Day installed. We have in mind the number of focus from 6 to 8 . In discussing our cultural workshops in particular have a class for equipping cultural sites. We are in the preparation of the student magazine too that its preliminary stages and it remains the only license. At the end Tajar said .

Reporter : Mohammad Behtari Rad

Publisher :Salimi

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