26 Mar 2019

Research and educational backgrounds-education Islamic Azad university of Sahneh

Research and educational backgrounds-education Islamic Azad university of Sahneh

Name : Javad

Last name : Tajar

Date of birth : Eslam Abad 1349

Qualification : PH.D psychology

Place of graduation : behavioral sciences university Tajikistan, Doshanbe city the ministry of the Russian federation .

Master degree: Educational psychology from Tehran university center .

Organizational position : Faculty and department of teachers Islamic Azad University of Sahneh and deputy head of education .

Email adress: javad.tajar@gmail .com

Educational experience:

-         Teaching in undergraduate teacher training courses of university teachers Rajaei martyr,  Sadughi martyr and Motahhari martyr

-         Teaching undergraduate courses in science education, psychology, business management of Payame Noor university of Sarpol Zahab

-         Teaching undergraduate courses in counseling, accounting, social sciences of Razi university of Kermanshah

-         Teaching in undergraduate in psychology courses and science education in Azad university of Kermanshah

-         Teaching in undergraduate courses and head of department of teacher training to 6 years of Islamic Azad universitySahneh branch

-         Teaching in undergraduat courses psychology and consultation in Payame Noor university of Kermanshah


Conculting and clinical records :

-         Concessionaire center of family counseling clinic of Sarpul Zahab

-         Student mobilization concultant of Sarpul Zahab Payame Noor university

-         Cultural advisorof Kermanshah university

-         Student advisor of Sahneh Azad University

Research activities :

-         Observer research projects research council education department of Kermanshah

-         Member expert committee research council education department of Kermanshah

-         The referee national conference on scientific cooperation in education

-         Journal of Arbibitation conferece Imam of Islamic Guidance

-         Journal of Arbibitation conferece Islam and sufism of Islamic Azad university of Sahneh

-         Journal of family Arbibitation conferece Islamic Azad university

-         Journal of national conference on family research scientific challenge and life-skills Razi university of Kermanshah

-         Project evaluation 360 management personnel of Tehran university of medical sciences hospital

Research works :

-         Compilation book publishing personality assessment  practices  of Bahman Ara Qom

Internal articles:

-         Sufi Rumi and postmodernism conference

-         Clarifying the role of the family in moral development and regional sustainable development conference

-         The relationship between shyness and aggression in students life-skills at national conference

-         Its quality of life and relationship with his wife and a national mental health conference

Foreign papers in journals :

-         Psychosocial problems of orphans in Iran

-         Power and memory disorder

-         Map cognitive and learning retest lies with the Iranian experiments on children Tolman

-         Mathematics disorder ( learning disabilities) and its treatment using restorative treatment in children 6 years

-         Investigate the role of psychological factors in inflation

-         Mental meaning in cave paintings in Lourestan and France

Russian scientific commission (isi journal)

-         Its social development and test angxiety in students

-         Orphaned children’s rights in Iran

-         Adoption problems in Iran

-         Social injuries of children in Iran ( Hugary isi journal)

-         The efect of the play therapy and pharmacotherapy in the treatment of hyperactive children ( American-India journal)

-         The efect of the pleasant week and pharmacotherapy in depressed woman (American-India journal)

-         Economic analysis fine-round harm in Iran

-         Psychological analysis of orphans in Iran (American-European journal)

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